About Glass Visions Studio

Glass Visions, a family run business for over forty years, is the premiere custom decorative stained-glass studio in the Los Angeles area, with windows featured in the most prominent California residences and commercial establishments, from Hancock Park to the hills of Malibu.  Glass Visions specializes in high-quality, leaded, stained antique glass and lighting, as well as restoration, with faithful adherence to historical and architectural, accuracy, an emphasis on refined style, and skilled execution of classic and contemporary designs.

Founded by Mark Tuna in 1979, Glass Visions quickly became a leader in the marketplace, celebrated for its masterful design, meticulous attention to detail, Old-World craftsmanship, and seamless execution of the vision of the country‘s, most prominent architects, designers, builders, contractors, and homeowners.

When Mark retired in 2021, his son, Ben, who had apprenticed with his father for over a decade, assumed the helm. The art of centuries-old handcrafted stained glassmaking is flourishing at Glass Visions in Ben’s capable hands, advancing the firm’s legacy a beauty of incomparable artistry, and unparalleled craftsmanship into the next century.


Glass Visions Studio, established in 1979, by Mark Tuna, continues as a well respected custom decorative glass business specializing in high quality leaded, stained, antique glass and lighting, as well as restoration. For over three decades, working with the design trade and private clients, Mark has completed commissions for many prominent homes and estates built on the West Coast.

Glass Visions Studio’s excellent reputation reflects Mark’s respect for historical and architectural accuracy and an understanding of the elements of refined style. Mark is especially skilled in technical applications for projects that require an old world or contemporary look while using antique, modern and specialty glass. His work masters the relationship between architecture, interior design, art, color, and light, elegantly enhancing any interior but never demanding center stage.

The success of every commission is achieved through careful collaboration between Mark and project architects, designers, builders and homeowners, from concept through design to fabrication. Every window is an original work of art, completed with the highest professionalism and attention to detail, often exceeding client’s expectations.

The world of stained glass has changed little over the centuries and the creative process clearly resembles that of artisans hundreds of years ago. Mark still prefers to draw every design by hand respecting the training of his early years as a student of European masters, when he began working in stained glass at the young age of fourteen. The tools of the trade have also remained unchanged. All projects are hand cut and patiently assembled in his Los Angeles workshop. In fact, at Glass Visions Studio every part of the creation process can be completed without the use of electricity if needed!




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